Welcome, and thanks for taking a minute to check out Tabernacle’s BASE CAMP CHURCH service. Just to keep it short and simple, here are the basics.
  1. It’s early. Service begins promptly at 9:30 and ends by 10:30. This timing is intended to provide leisure and family time for people who still want to prioritize time with God in their busy schedules.
  2. It’s focused. It is a Christ-centered service designed to help us focus on the Person and purpose of Jesus – period.
  3. It’s Bible based. The Bible is presented and preached as the authentic, authoritative, Word of God.
  4. It’s celebratory. There should be joy in worship.
  5. It’s relevant. God’s Word speaks to everyday people with everyday needs and challenges.
  6. It’s powerful. Lives are changed by the synergy of the Worship, Word, and Spirit.
  7. Dress is casual.
Almost all great adventures require a Base Camp from which to begin. Life is truly a great adventure, and we all need a Base Camp from which to launch if our adventure is to be a success rather than a shambles. BASE CAMP CHURCH is intended to help live the adventure of life as Jesus stated, “I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly.”
John 10:10
Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you in person some Sunday soon. God bless you all.